Secondary Handrails

Strength and style meet function

Many building codes now require graspable secondary handrails on decking and railing projects. Waymark® is helping contractors and their customers meet the demand, with a durable secondary handrail system that is attractive and versatile enough to meet any installation challenge.

Waymark® secondary handrails and accessories are designed for any commercial or residential application where local building codes require a graspable handrail or any application for which the ADA requires a secondary handrail.

We build our handrails to meet or exceed codes and our own high standards. Sturdy, rigid, PVC pipe is reinforced with an aluminum insert that is not only extremely strong, it’s also easy to install. The maintenance-free PVC is available in several colors and assembles quickly and easily, with connections that are virtually seamless. Elegant, die-cast brackets give any application a finished look.

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Colors Available

adobe  Adobe/Khaki              black  Black                  tan   Tan                            white  White

90degreeAlumPostReturn-w   InsideCornerBracket-w   StraightWallMount-w   3in-Offset-Bracket_View-W

Handrail and Angles

Colors Available

adobe  Adobe/Khaki              tan   Tan                            white  White

8ft8inch-Handrail-w   5-Degree-StairElbow-w   32-Degree-Stair-Elbow-w   34-Degree-Stair-Elbow-w    36-Degree-Stair-Elbow-w   90-Degree-Inside-Corner-w   180-Degree-Post-Return-w   InsideOutside90Degree-w   12inx12inx18in-Handicap-Loop-w


Aluminum-Joiner-w  Joiner-w


MetalBeautyRing-w   Cap-Plug-W



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