2024 Homeland & Waymark Catalogs – Now Available

We offer a full palette of 13 distinctive colors for even your most unique client’s customization needs.
We are proudly introducing a newest color, Aspen Latte to our Homewood Series.

We are also adding Dark Gray and Light Gray in privacy fence. Please contact your representative for more details.
*Note* Some colors may not be available in all profiles or markets.

We regularly update and revise our catalog to meet the needs of our customers and stay ahead of the dynamic markets we service.
We invite you to check back regularly for new offerings.

We at Homeland Vinyl truly value our relationships with you, our loyal customers. We know the recent years have not been easy, but hopefully we’ve
made it better together with cooperation and compromise. After a fine-tuning of processes on all sides, we’re certain of a secure partnership and successful future.


Homeland Extrusions Download
Updated Dec. 18, 2023


2024- Waymark Accessories Download
Uploaded March 11, 2024


2024- RediPak/Ranch Rail Download
Uploaded July 1, 2024