Vinyl fence, vinyl deck, and vinyl rail will keep your home or business beautiful for years, without the pain and maintenance of wood.

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The Advantage for Homeowners

As wood deteriorates, it cracks, splits, splinters, and loses structural integrity. Eventually your wooden fence or deck becomes an eye sore, and will become more difficult to enjoy. The constant cycle of stripping, painting or resealing fences and decks is time consuming, difficult, and inconvenient. The more you procrastinate, the more the wood decays. There is a better choice.

Homeland’s vinyl fence, deck, and rail are beautiful, customizable, and low maintenance. With many colors and styles, including the Homewood blends, you can have convenience and beauty. Because vinyl doesn’t crack, splinter, or rot, your fence, deck and rails will always be a comfortable, pain-free getaway.

Our vinyl decks offers more utility than a wood deck.
• Gorilla Deck G3’s patented interlocking design and water shedding technology keeps the space below your deck drier by shedding water off the sides instead of allowing water through the deck the deck boards.

Vinyl is beautiful, long-lasting, safe, low-maintenance, and functional. Ask your contractor for Homeland Vinyl Products by name or find a dealer below.



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