Colors Including Homewood® Color Series

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Homeland Colors

Along with the traditional White, Tan and Adobe, Homeland also offers Homewood® Colors Series.

Homewood® is Homeland® Vinyl’s blend of colors that can redefine any backyard into a beautiful oasis. Homewood offers a vast pallet of pleasing colors that more closely emulate the natural look and feel of wood. They will complement any building exterior without the exhausting upkeep and painful downfalls of natural wood.

Available in Fence, Deck and Rail profiles, mix and match from our Homewood colors to bring your unique style and taste to create a backyard paradise.

Color Palette

Color Palette

White - Wood Texture (Deck)
White - No Texture (Fence & Rail)
Tan - Wood Texture (Deck)
Tan - No Texture (Fence & Rail)
Adobe - Wood Texture (Deck)
Adobe - No Texture (Fence & Rail)
Mocha Walnut - Homewood® Color Series - Wood Texture (Deck)
Mocha Walnut - Homewood® - No Texture (Fence & Rail)
Honey Maple - Homewood® - Wood Texture (Deck)
Honey Maple - Homewood® - No Texture (Fence & Rail)
Green Teak - Homewood® - Wood Texture (Deck)
Green Teak - Homewood® - No Texture (Fence & Rail)
Chai Gray - Homewood® - Wood Texture (Deck)
Chai Gray - Homewood® - No Texture (Fence & Rail)


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