Profile sheets exactly like you need with nothing else.

Made To Order “MTO” Program

Some profiles and lengths are only available as “Made To Order” (MTO) and will only be produced as can be reasonably accommodated.
Typical requirements for MTO requests are listed below but are subject to change.  All MTO requests are subject to Customer Service
approval and Production acceptance.

MTO Classification

I. Special Lengths:

Requires a 12 bundle minimum of one profile, one color, and only one length.
No stock. Must ship within 30 days of completion or will be invoiced. Twice yearly max.

II.Proprietary and Exclusivity Profiles:

By special arrangement and typically run no more than once or twice a year.
Dependent upon volume orders.  Must ship within 30 days of completion or
will be invoiced. No stock.

III.Special and Low Volume Profiles:

Typically run once or twice a year.
Standard lengths and colors only.
No special lengths.

Contact your Homeland representative for information on the MTO program.  MTO item requests must be submitted in writing via e-mail or fax.  Not all requests can be accommodated.

Customer Account must be in good standing and current before MTO requests will be considered.  MTO requests are not accepted until approved and confirmed in writing.  Special Terms and Conditions of Sale apply to all MTO requests accepted as orders.  Once confirmed, the order cannot be canceled by customer.  Orders must ship complete once ready, leaving no back-orders.  Your Homeland Representative will try to accommodate reasonable requests, but completed MTO orders must ship within 30 days of completion or will be invoiced. Consult your Homeland representative for additional details. 

Minimum purchase quantity required of the same profile and color for all MTO items.  Requirements vary.  See the attached profile sheets or contact your Homeland representative for additional details.

Lead-times for “Made To Order” items cannot be estimated until requests have been approved and confirmed.   Due to in the infrequent running of MTO items, and depending on the item, it may be a number of weeks before an answer on an MTO request can be given.  “Made To Order” items may only be produced a very limited number of times per year.  Please plan ahead and make any MTO requests as early as possible to take advantage of each production run on MTO profiles.

Details and requirements of this program are subject to change without notice.